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The easiest way to securely send passwords and secure content.

Keep your organization safe from passwords and secure content being shared in plain-text.

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Boveda provides end-to-end encryption utilizing the strongest possible cryptography standards to your team. We make it easy for non-technical people to securely share secure content. Sleep better knowing that your team isn’t sending passwords and sensitive details via plain text.

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User experience focused

Dead simple interface tested on our grandparents. Boveda makes secure sharing easy for anyone. While GPG/PGP is incredibly strong, it is difficult for most people to use. Boveda is the next best thing, with its equally high levels of security and ease of use. Good UX is a leading driver of software adoption.

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Use with vendors or clients

Boveda allows you to ensure that both internal and external collaborators are using information security best practices. Thousands of passwords and keys are shared daily between vendors and their customers. Generally this is done through plain-text email, which is extremely vulnerable.

Why use Boveda?
  • 85% of organizations have suffered phishing attacks.
  • 91% of attacks start through email.
  • Cybercrime costs the average U.S. firm $15 million a year.

Yet somehow, sending passwords, keys, or other secure items through plaintext is still a common practice.

Boveda allows you and your team to securely and easily send sensitive details.


How it Works

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Enter information to share

Enter in your secure information, your intended recipient’s email and phone number, and select a self-destruct time. Then click send! The secure information is encrypted and can only be unlocked by the recipient.

Recipient verifies their identity

The recipient will receive an email with a one-time link. After clicking the link, they receive a unique one-time password.

Recipient gets secure information

Once they enter the one-time password, the one-time link unlocks the secure information. After the recipient accesses it, all data is destroyed.

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  • Share up to 20 keys / month
  • Create teams (additional cost)
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Agency plan

Organization license

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  • Basic Plan + 20 person team
  • Share up to 200 keys
  • Email Support
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Enterprise plan

Organization license

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  • Basic Plan + unlimited person team
  • Share unlimited keys
  • Email and phone support
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